Argente Registry Cleaner

Search, clean and repair any errors in your Windows registry


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Windows registry problems are common and are a frequent cause of system failures. If you are tired of seeing error messages in Windows, Argente Registry Cleaner is a Windows registry cleaner that will fix all of the errors in your system and make your computer faster and much more stable.

Argente Registry Cleaner safely cleans and repairs problems in your Windows registry with just a few clicks. The program is easy to use and does an excellent job. The high-efficiency detection algorithm that is employed by the program quickly identifies invalid and missing references.

These problems are caused by things like the incorrect uninstallation of programs due to faulty or missing hardware, as well as login programs that don't belong to any application on the computer.

Argente Registry Cleaner will completely search your registry and find invalid applications, supplying a list of errors found in the system. This useful program can also back up any repairs made, allowing the user to retrieve files that have been modified.
By Álvaro Toledo
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